Gole 1

Gole 1 the world’s smallest PC with Android

CHINA: It is just unbelievable fact! A Chinese Company has introduced the world’s smallest all in one PC that can be used as Android. Well, so many companies have introduced many smallest PCs but they do not have the screen but now a Chinese Company has introduced tremendous smallest but thorough PC that can be easily kept in pockets. This computer has 5-inch HD touch screen but it can also be connected via big display or projector with the help of HDMI cable. This PC has named ‘Gole 1’ which cost is $ 99.

This Gole 1 PC is available with the display that runs on Windows 10 operating system. This Windows can be used as Operating system but it comes in the list of touch screen tablet that’s why there is not any cost of Windows’ license. In addition, it has also Android ‘Lolli Pop’ so that you can also use it as a Smartphone.


Gole 1 has all the features alike a common laptop. It has also a small an antenna for the better Wi-Fi performance while its battery is able to work for 2 hours. SD card support is also available to enhance the storage and an additional drive also may be stuck at its bottom.

You can do office work on it as well as watch movies, play games and etc… Gole 1 is a wonderful PC because it has all the  features of a common computer. It is being offered for the online sale throughout the world from China.