Google is recording

Google is recording your every moment quietly

Google is recording all everything from decades what are you saying and you can also hear all the things yourself.

Yes! My dears, Google records various things quietly of those who move around its product.

Users search through their voice from this ‘Google Voice Search’ feature and their recording is saved so that Google can improve the tools to identify the language.

To listen and delete all this information is very easy that Google collects.
For this, you have to go and see the long list of recordings in Google history page.
The company has set a specific audio Page rather there is also a page on the web for all the activities where everything appears that Google knows about you.

This audio page revealed in June 2015 and it means everything is safe there that may be of the utmost privacy in mind.

You can also understand these recordings like a dairy that reminds different locations and conditions where you and your phone were present, but the most serious thing is this that how much information does Google has about you.

If you have Android phone so such recordings will be very high, however, the recording of such devices also may be enough on which you were used Google or its service.

However, deleting audio files is not easy because Google did not give the option to delete them simultaneously rather it is possible to delete one by one.

Facebook is also not behind in this regard and it is also saving user’s audio data.