how to install android

How To Install Android OS On Any Pc Or Laptop and Virtual Machine.

There’s no surprise why. It’s powerful, flexible, and downright fun to use. Remix OS 2.0 is pioneering the next chapter of the Android journey. Designed to bring simplicity to productivity, Remix OS 2.0’s features are unlike anything you’ve ever seen on Android.

Remix OS isn’t something most people are familiar with right now, but we’ve talked about this Android initiative a few times already. The new software offers users a Windows-like Android experience on traditional computers. Jide, the creators of this Android fork, have come up with dedicated hardware for it in recent months, but last week they announced that the software will soon be available to install on any computer out there.

Well, get your affairs in order, as Remix OS is now available to download and run on any computer you like.

Remix OS OS is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers, so here’s what you need to do to run it, as explained by Jide:

  • Download Remix OS for PC package and then unzip the file.
  • Insert flash drive to your PC.
  • Open Remix OS USB Tool and follow the instructions to burn the flash drive.
  • Reboot your PC.
  • Press F12 (PC) / Option (Mac) while booting and enter Boot Menu.
  • Select “USB Storage Device” as boot option under Legacy Mode.
  • Select either “Guest Mode” or “Resident Mode” to start Remix OS.

The current release is an alpha version for developers and early adopters, meaning some bugs are to be expected. To update it, you’ll have to keep an eye on Jide’s website and download additional versions as they’re released.


How to Install Android

Remix OS On Pc Laptop And Virtual Machine.


Source: JIDE

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