make 3D photos and videos via Smartphone

How to make 3D photos and videos via Smartphone

TAIWAN: It sounds crazy but real! A new device has been introduced in Taiwan that has named ‘Eye-Plug’. You can make 3D photos as well as videos with the help of this device via Smartphone. This is a small camera device that can be easily connected to your Android via USB.

This device that was introduced in Taiwan namely ‘Eye-Plug’, with the help of which users can make 3D photos and videos via Android with ease. It can be easily connected via Android through USB port from any direction. It means this device can be used as a both front and back camera. Even though it cannot make full 360 degree angles video but can add such a deep in the recording. In which you will feel real 3D technique in the video.

For using it, you just need an Android USB port. At present, Eye-Plug camera is not available for the iPhone users but after its successful experience, it can be also offered for iPhones. At present, its more features were not revealed because this device is in the experimental stages but by the end of this year, it will definitely offer for sale.

For having a complete fun of 3D photos or videos that made by Eye-Plug, Google Cardboard is recommended. Google Cardboard is basically a virtual reality handset that is the cheapest headset in this regard. However with the help of Eye-Plug device your dreams of making 3D photos and videos will come true.

It is just unbelievable fact! Through this unique Eye-Plug device, you can make 3D photos and videos via Smartphone with ease. This device is very simple to connect. Now you can enjoy 3D camera to make your life wonderful in a reasonable price. By the end of this year, this device is going to offer for sale.