use apps without downloading and installing

How to use apps without downloading and installing on Android

CALIFORNIA: It is just unbelievable fact! Google is currently working on a new Technique Instant App, through which you will be able to use applications without downloading or installing them.

Google is ready to bring a new great facility for its Android operating system. The users often need to install applications temporarily on Android. For example, when you like anything on the online store and want to purchase it, you must install the store’s app.

Same way, to order any food, their application is to be installed and after installing these unnecessary apps, there is a lot of burden on the phone as its memory has already gone slowed.

To solve this problem, Google is going to offer ‘Instant Apps’. Under this technique, developers will develop a new version of their application. Through which, the application will be able to work without downloading and installing. Whenever you want to use any web service, you just have to visit that website only. You do not need to download it. In such a way, Android applications will work without installation.

You can very easily get rid of less memory problem with the help of this application and your phone’s performance will also be better. In the long run, you will be able to use apps without downloading and installing on Android phones very soon.