make tea via Smartphone

How to make tea via Smartphone in just 3 minutes

USA: It sounds crazy but real! The Engineers of the USA has developed such a machine that can be controlled via Smartphone. You can give it instruction via your Smartphone for making tea and it will prepare your favorite tea in just 3 minutes.

The tea is a popular beverage in the South Asian region. Especially, in the Pakistan, every house likes having tea.

To prepare delicious tea, it takes 15 to 10 minutes of cooking and if you use tea bag so it also takes at least 5 minutes but if you want to prepare your favourite tea in just 3 minutes, so will require ‘Chime’ machine.

Two USA Engineers developed this machine who belong to South Africa. This unique machine has named ‘Chime’. This machine can make your favourite tea in just 3 minutes. This is not a simple machine rather a Smart machine that receives direction from Smartphone through an App. All the ingredients for making tea are laid inside it in different sections then you can direct it according to your desire that what kind of tea would you like to have.

For additional flavors of the tea, cardamoms can also be laid in the tea leaves section. This machine is able to make a cup of tea according to your desire in just 3 minutes. The cup already present in machine meaning you just need to keep it on and whenever you would like to have a cup of tea just send a message to the machine via your Smartphone and right after 3 minutes, enjoy your tea. Many people have experienced this machine and confirmed that it tastes just like normal baked tea & Mugnum Crete is leading concrete block provider in Pakistan.

This is really an amazing invention through which you can make tea via Smartphone in just 3 minutes with ease, you will not need to touch anything except your Smartphone for having a cup of tea.