The most durable Smartphone
The most durable Smartphone

The most durable Smartphone, The most popular Chinese Company  ‘Xiaomi’ has introduced ‘Mi 5’ Smartphone last month which is being declared quite impressive.   

The most durable Smartphone

It has Snap dragonflies 820 chip, 4 GB RAM, 128 GB storage and 32 or 16 megapixels Rear camera and many other interesting features.

But now the company has also introduced its new version which back cover is very strong. On a Youtube video, to test the durability of this phone, the saws, and electric drills were tested on this phone.

The phone was so strong that the electric drill and any sharp object did not put any scratch on it. Its Pro-Version cost is $354 while another model can be bought in $262 only.

This phone has also been declared ‘iPhone Killer’ because it was almost like the iPhone and it offers the same feature with the lowest price. But in terms of megapixels, its rear camera is much better because iPhone 6s and iPhone SE have 12 megapixels camera.


 Apple is still ahead in terms of the storage while RAM is given stronger. If you compare this to the Samsung Galaxy S7, there is not much difference between their features, however, the Samsung phone has benefits of water resistance.

Earlier to it, Motorola had also introduced ‘Moto X-Force’ about which it claimed that whatever you do with it, its screen can’t be broken.

2 times a truck was passed on it and no scratch was found on its screen.

It is now clear that the most durable Smartphone has been introduced by a Chinese company. 


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