How many Backlinks do i need

How many Backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google?

how many backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google.

how many backlinks do i need

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So first let’s come on: how many Backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google.

It is a general question and off course a good question many people are asking for this or some other alternative questions like how many Backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google, how Backlinks works, how Backlinks increase site rank in search engine, which Backlinks are require for my website, how many Backlinks i need, what are SEO Backlinks or what are backlinks in SEO, and so many other questions.

So first read about “Backlinks” what are SEO Backlinks?
Well now a days there are many bloggers running their own websites. But everyone have their own mind, strategies smartness and so on, some people just write articles and post every day or every weekly base many of them write Articles and promote these articles on different social networks, some people do SEO because they know about what is SEO, why SEO is important for my website?(Article) You can also check my this article. And many other users using Black Hat SEO techniques.

If anybody using Black Hat SEO i request them please avoid this bad things it can rank your website fast and easy but remember it is not safe for you and your website because Google can catch you very easily Google is monitoring each and everything what’s going in and on your website if you caught than Google will mark penalties on your site and also deindex your website from search engine.
So avoid any bad techniques if you are following, I Explain here what is Black Hat SEO how to prevent from Black Hat techniques. There are only few people who follow good, natural and White Hat SEO techniques which is great for you and your website.

I am explaining you step by step i know what you are looking for and what you want its “how many Backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google.” but as a excellent suggestions i am explaining you everything so if you ever did any mistake you can fix it and avoid next time.
Let’s back to the topic how many Backlinks do i need to rank my website on first page of Google. Well it’s all about niche and competition there are a lot of websites with different niches like news, information, how to and etc, news niche blogs will give you news information what’s going around the world, news niche can have a lot of categories like sports news, breaking news, entertainment news, Information technology news, and many more.
Where How To niche may includes, How to articles, solutions of problems, solving problems, programmatically problems like how to create websites, how to make an android applications, and many more queries like how to do that, how to do this, how to use, how how how …!! and Blah blah. So every niche have different conditions a lot of users don’t even think about it they works mix up like purchase domain name with medical niche uploading contents of insurance finance banking news social media marketing technology and so on.

It’s definitely not a good idea, well move on so first find your niche and ask your self what you are going to do what you want which niche to like to do follow which niche is good for you and for your website? Got any idea? Still thinking about it? Yes think once again, alright done so suppose you are ready to follow IT niche, so what will be your first post? That’s a point ask yourself what you are going to write? What ever comes in your mind tell me via comment but truth not lie okay so than i can get how smart you are.
Now i want to share you something important that can be helpful for newbie and it’s a great idea for those who wants to stand quickly as possible. Alright so before you write something about IT or else you should know about the trends what’s trending in market what users are looking for now a days, read user’s mind think about it if you reached here on my article by Google search engine or how you reached out on my website?

What keyword you used, what was you looking for, off course you wrote something on search engine than Google display you ton of results, may be i am on the top or may be on 2nd or 3rd position but what ever i am getting a lot of traffic because on specific keyword you search i am on the top or top 10.

So again before you write anything do some research about keywords find best keyword for your article to attract more users to your Website, here is an other question may be in your mind “where i can research about keywords” i explain here best seo keyword research tool.
You can use tools like Google Ad Word, kw finder, one of my Semrush and so on there are many different websites available for keywords finder.
I can give you link here for Semrush Pro subscription if you sign up with this link you’ll get 1 Month free which cost around 100$.
Offer link semrush*
So here you can explore competitor’s website, keywords research, Backlinks report and more lots of cool things, now before to write do some research about low competition keywords and find low competition keywords volume, CPC and other stuff like i search here in semrush “keyword” you can see in this image, for newbie you have to choose low competition keywords which is easy for you to rank your website on first page of Google.

If you target high competition keywords than its really very hard for you to beat high authorities website.

You can see in this image,

how to install

look at volume of search, means how many users search this keyword in monthly basis, it is good not bad, so as a newbie choose low competition keywords than use it and write a good article on it and than post it in your blog here i explain how to write a good article. Now what’s next?
Off course you need Backlinks, to rank your article first on Google, but for that research your keyword again in semrush you just used in your article, semrush will show you top websites which are using this same keyword you used, look at this image.

how to install keyword

so open these websites and find how many Backlinks every individual website have, than guess how many Backlinks do i need, so if we take 2nd one autodesk.comclick on it alright

backlinks profile

so this website only have 4 Backlinks.

Let’s check out every single back link where it’s coming from and what’s the authority of that backlinks, if there are some low quality Backlinks like 10 low quality backlinks than we can easily beat these websites, or if there are some quality Backlinks but small in numbers like 4 or 5 so we can still beat the website which is one the top, now you need some Backlinks here i explained how to get some good Backlinks.
So just build some good Backlinks for your website you want to rank and take a rest in some days or weeks you will get your result, when your link appears top of the Google search engine you will receive organic traffic.
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