startup ideas for 2017

Startup Ideas for 2017

Good question that becomes a great question once qualified. Part of that means who’s doing the asking or for whom it applies. The other parts involve; Being within the parameters of the question, IT and 2017. And defining the meaning of “Best” as defined by what? Let’s address the first part first (Startup Ideas for 2017).

We could create a list of promising ideas that look ripe for exponential growth in 2017, but if you have no interest, experience or relationships to any of them then the list hardly applies to you. So this unqualified question in itself actually produces part of the solution in discovery. To be the “best” idea it must be executable, duplicatable and able to solve the problem on both personal and universal levels. Likewise the answer will include solving the global causal dilemma of the “chicken and the egg” in various forms. Thus the answer is different for everyone.

Let’s explore this further with what I believe to be the three greatest qualifiers.

  • Passion. This goes for the founders as well as the users. You should be so interested in the idea to the point of being passionate about all things about it including “Why it matters?”. But you could be very motivated problem solver looking for a new issue. Either way, your level of curiosity, energy, and motivation to learn all things about it should be unparalleled. Likewise the users, once they hear your “Why?” and use the product/service your idea produces they should fall in love with it to the point of it’s use becoming habit forming and one they are proud, even passionate about sharing their use of it.
  • Product. The product should solve a problem and pain that is significant enough that millions of people could easily identify with and support. A product people would gladly spend their time or money to acquire. The more people, the more money, the more often = the better the solution. But to be “the best” there are other things to consider as well such as how great is the pain, how easy is it to understand, use and share. Thus the best idea produces a product/service that is a solution with a first viral coefficient and contagious factor built in. With a shareability that is easy to understand, distribute, is healthy & habit forming.
  • People. This includes the people on the founding team and the people that make up the market. The team should include a domain knowledge expert, someone who can design, build, and distribute or growth hack it. Ideally, this will be 2–4 people wearing a couple of hats who have a close, competitive relationship having shown the ability to weather storms. The market should be gigantic and easily identifiable with a particular problem to solve. They should be willing to repeatedly spend money on the solution and proudly share their use of it.

There are other very important elements like Why? Which I include under Passion. A storyteller which is another hat for perhaps the founder who had the initial idea or the marketing/growth hacking founder. Timing? That is defined in the question as being 2017, but iterating as fast as possible to “Build, Measure & Learn” quickly making the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the Lean Startup methodology comes to mind. Also the feed forward OODA loop to validate decision making action quickly to create momentum. You could also say SCRUM can play a roll in helping to get things done quickly. But whatever you call it working fearlessly fast to get things done while learning from the mistakes of misconceived assumptions needs to be the rule not the exception.

The other part of the qualification to the initial question is in the definition of “best.” By what measurement?

  • Creates the biggest business?
  • Makes the most money?
  • Helps the most people?
  • Does the best?

Each answer potentially raises more questions. Which is exactly why so many visualization tools are being built to help us extrapolate the meaning from all the data now being collected. But if we take an inclusive approach then we should accept it to mean anything that can, should and will be created in 2017.

Remember an idea does not make a product, and a product does not do a business. Having exceptional People working on the right Product with Passion will involve working with the focus and grit to find product market fit than go to market strategy.

What is the best idea..? One that motivates you to take action initiating a chain of events that inspires you and others to a greatness that defies explanation. One that builds solutions with the vision and determination to overcome known & unknown obstacles & circumstances. To explore the problems associated with attempting to answer the initial question and to go where no man has gone before boldly.

“The Best IT Startup Ideas for 2017 for you would have to be something that motivates you and is executable by you and the team you can assemble. One that your team can focus on solving quickly. If you can do the above, the excuses will stop, and money will not be the problem.

I for one believe the answers will be at the intersection between health, Blockchain and Deep Learning. So I created Meetup groups on these subjects to learn more firsthand and connect with others passionate about Blockchain & Deep Learning. If you agree, I would love to hear from you.

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