How can I beat Google in 2 years?

Realistically speaking, you cannot.

Allow me to explain:

Google, with its advertising revenue, brings in over 60 Billion dollars annually. I also explain here that why Google is a great place to work. Along with that, it has years and years of experience in innovating ground-breaking products and an amazing track record with success doing it. In fact, Google’s innovation record is so stable that it has a market cap of around 550 Billion USD. Basically, that’s how much Google is worth today. That is a lot of money.

The problem with beating Google is, you will need to achieve all that within 2 years. Not possible. Let’s look at milestones you’ll have to achieve to get there:

  1. Have multiple runaway success products (similar to Pokemon Go)
  2. Acquire ~Billion users in those products
  3. Conceptualize and implement revenue stream from those users
  4. Make your IPO with exorbitant stock unit value
  5. Instil confidence in your shareholders that you’re a company that will thrive in the future (a problem that companies like LinkedIn and Yahoo are currently failing at)

See, these are things that Google has already done and quite comfortably but Google did with as efficiently as anyone could have and it still took us 18 years. Doing this in 2 years is unimaginable.

If you manage to pull it off – and then sustain it, you will certainly replace the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Page and Steve Jobs as the greatest CEO of all time.