create a great secure password

How to create a great secure password to defeat hackers

It is very difficult to create the super secure password. The most of the security conscious users commit mistakes that they use their personal information and the other predictable combination when they create the password. They do it because their short-term and long-term memory is not good that’s why they use their personal information so that, they can easily remember their passwords. We bring to you a stimulating infographic that will help you to create a great secure password.

Today, in this present era of technology where hackers are being very strong day by day, the importance of having the super password cannot be denied. In the year of 2015, a lot of hacking attacks have been done, that cost the multinational millions and leaked the people’s personal data. In the whole year, you have known about various attacks and some ways to protect your digital life with some easy steps.

It is not sufficient to just know about DDoS and SQL injection attacks. Even, sometimes security experts also commit the sin of creating OR using a simple password that makes the job of hackers easier.

Now be aware, we are going to tell you some fundamentals of creating a strong password and the way through which it helps you to secure your data.

In this article, we are talking about a super strong password that is approximately 8 to 15 characters long. The password must seem non-sense to you as well as others, it must consist on digits, symbols, upper and lower characters.

It is cleared that you must avoid using keywords patterns and dictionary words. You must change the password routinely.

Today, you are being brought to an eye-opening infographic from WhoIsHostingThis, it will help you to do best practice to make passwords.

Now have a look that how to create a great secure password to defeat hackers.



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