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How to eliminate ads on your Windows 10 lock screen

If you have been really annoyed by ads in your Windows 10 lock screen, we are here to tell you the way to eliminate ads.

First step, click on your ‘Start menu’ and open up the ‘Setting app’. lock screen


Now select the ‘Personalization setting’, and navigate to the Lock Screen tab.


After that, search for the option that reads ‘Windows Spotlight’ and click on the box. According to your personal preference, you can now switch to the display, either ‘Picture’ or ‘Slideshow’.


This will automatically disable Microsoft for pushing ads to your login screen without permission. 


Once you’ve chosen the new style of log-in screen, don’t forget to un-check the option of ‘Get fun facts, tips, tricks, and many others, on your lock screen’.


Here is another valuable tip for you. If you not annoyed by the ads and feel interested to see the contents, you can tell about it to Microsoft what’s applicable by clicking the icon that shows in the top-right corner of your lock screen.


After clicking on the icon a drop down menu will open where two options will show ‘I want more!’ and ‘Not a fan’. On the one hand, it will keep showing you pictures like this and on the other hand, it will switch to a new picture whenever you log in next time.  

Now it’s time to enjoy this tip to eliminate ads on your Windows 10 lock screen with ease.

Images Source: howtogeek.com



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