find a Wi-Fi connection without a password

How to find a Wi-Fi connection without a password easily

When 3G data pack expires or does not have credit in your phone so for using the internet we immediately start finding of free Wi-Fi hotspot but anywhere near to you, the free internet may be available. It is difficult to know. Take the phone and walking around is not an easy work. But now the solution of this problem also has been found.

The best solution to this problem exists in the shape of ‘Avast Wi-Fi Finder’. This application works in a unique way. First of all, it examines your location after that, connects to its database and knows the availability of without passwords Wi-Fi connections in your area. In fact, in this app free Wi-Fi Connections of all over the world are wanted. Whether they are in any hotel or some other public place are being gathered on a place. So that, wherever you are, it can indicate the free Wi-Fi connection available in your area. In addition, it uses GPS satellites to identify your current location it means, if your internet is not working so this application can work.

If you do not want to bother to look for Wi-Fi connections without the password so it has an option of ‘Easy connects’, that every now and then be in the search for Wi-Fi connections without the password and whenever any Wi-Fi connection is available, so it connects automatically to them.

Suddenly, credit is finished from your mobile or network is not available. In such a situation, this application can potentially help you get online. The good news is this that this application is free for the users of Android and iOS.

Now it’s time to enjoy free Wi-Fi connections that do not have passwords. I hope you’ve learned that how this application works.

Find a Wi-Fi connection without a password easily with the help of ‘Avast Wi-Fi Finder’.