How to find lost iPhone via Google with ease

CALIFORNIA: After Android, iPhone can also be found through Google. For which Google is going to add this new feature in its service soon.

In case your Android phone lost so Google provides this facility that if the internet is on and if location feature is enabled on it so you can not only know the exact location of the phone while its ring can also be rung as well as you can also delete your personal data from it.

Now after a long time, Google has also decided to add this feature in its service for iPhone. iPhone users after adding their iPhones in Google Account, can know their phone’s location with ease because Google does not have thorough control on iPhone that’s why it will be just able to appear iPhone’s location but you will not be able to delete your personal data and Google will not be able to ring its ringtone.

Apple already gives a suchlike service on iPhone that has named ‘Find my iPhone’, but Google is taking this step to provide under an additional facility. In addition, iPhone login to your Gmail account can be disconnected by Google’s new service. So that nobody reaches your emails after stealing your phone.  If this service will be provided to the users in next few days, you will be able to add your iPhone on Google’s Account after going to Google’s ‘My Account’ page.

This is such an amazing feature of Google through which you will be able to find lost iPhone via Google with ease but do not forget that you will not be able to delete your personal data and ring the ringtone like Android but this is more enough that Google is going to take this wonderful step for the iPhone users.