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How to lock browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari easily

It sounds crazy but it is real! that you can be able to lock browsers. The main cause to lock the internet browser of any personal computer is the services like password sync, History Sync, Auto Fill Options, Auto Sync and others.

These services are good for the users to get back their data in any severe situation like when you are re-installing the operating system, changing the operating system, surfing on the web or shifting operating system to new PC. But some problems will be created when goes in wrong hands.  If you have any risk of your data, you can encrypt the access of Safari Browser, Opera, Firefox and Chrome, according to your choice. How to lock browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari.

For Google Chrome:

  • Then you will be asked for a password quickly or after some time. After that, enter any password that you can easily remember for a long time and lock your Chrome browser or it can be changed manually by clicking on the option.


For Mozilla Firefox:

  • First of all, click on the dotted lines and then select the option where you have to mark ‘Use a master password’ option.
  • Lock-Chrome-Firefox-Opera-or-Safari-Browsers-2Then now you have to set a password and then click OK. After clicking on OK, you have to restart your browser to look changes by yourself.


For Opera Browsers:

  • Then, you will be asked for a password quickly or after some time after it gets added, now enter any password that can be easily remembered by your for a long time and lock your opera browser.


For Safari Browsers:

  • First of all, go to ‘System Preferences’ and then click on ‘Parental Controls’.
  • Then, now click on lock sign to edit the user’s access and after that search for Safari that will be in ‘Limit Applications’.
  • Whenever you find the Safari so unmark it
  • Now click on lock sign once again and then Exit from ‘System Preferences’.


I hope now you have learnt that how to lock browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari Browsers easily. Locking of browser is very necessary where there are multi-users of a system, at last, enjoy this trick….Good Luck.

Image Source: tricksnow.com