how to make a hidden user account in Windows 10

How to make a hidden user account in Windows 10.

how to make a hidden user account in Windows 10, You can make sure the privacy of your personal data with ease by using a hidden user administrator account on Windows 10. It is cleared that this unknown account will also have administrator pleasure and will keep your personal life safe from others.

By using the command prompt, a new net user administrator is made on Windows 10. We are also able to make an unknown and hidden administrator on Windows using the identical command by editing some virtue values of the same.
Here are the steps that you should follow to how to make a hidden user account in Windows 10, remember that this tactic can also work in Windows 7 and 8.1.

• First of all, open the Notepad, to open it press Windows + R and then type Notepad inside of the box.


1.@echo off user hidden mypassword /add local group Administrators hiddenuser /add

• Now copy and then paste this code below the Notepad.


• Now you will do some replacement here, Replace mypassword with your own password and hiddenuser with your administrator name.

• Now save this file just as Hidden.bat, it is cleared that here .bat means for the batch file extension.

• After saving this file, where you saved it, there you will see a bat file icon.

• Now right click on this icon and select ‘Run as Administrator’, once you Run as Administrator a command prompt will appear in front of you which will show that your account is being made.


• At the time, once it did, you may also re-check it. for re-checking and confirming you made the account, open the command prompt windows. Then press Windows + R and type cmd in the appeared box then a command prompt window will come into sight of you.


• Now type the command net user in the command prompt. Space should be there in between net and user in the command and then press enter, after that you will be able to see your hidden Net User Administrator account on Windows 10.


For hiding the Hidden Net User Administrator

• Here is the very next step to hide this account. Now open a new command prompt window with administrative permissions by right clicking on the cmd icon.


• Now type the following command and press enter: net user hidden/active:no.


• In such a way, you will be able to hide an account on your Windows 10 PC.

To access the hidden Net User Administrator

• For accessing this account, you have to open a new command prompt window with administrative permissions.

• Then, enter the following command and then, press enter: net user hidden/active:yes


• In such a way, your account will be in front of you with the name specified by you. To check this, you have to log off your computer or click on the top-right corner of the Start Menu.


• When you have used this account, you have to hide this hidden user account by following these steps.
Now enjoy this trick with the help of which you will be able to make a hidden user account in Windows 10 with ease…..Good Luck.