This particular question How To Make Google documents Available Offline has been going around a lot lately, so I decided to give an answer to it.

  1. Install Chrome on laptops and other computing devices, you need the Chrome browser to get offline access.


  1. Sign into your Chrome account. On your computing device, you will need not only the Chrome browser; you will also need a Chrome account. Get one, and sign up.


  1. Download all the applications to your mobile gadget. To be able to edit spreadsheets, presentation and documents offline on mobile gadgets, you need to have the Google Drive application, and also the applications for Sheets, Docs, and Slides (whichever of these services you make use of).


  1. Sign into your Google account if you possess a personal account, offline access will automatically be allowed for Sheets, Slides, and Docs.


There goes the answer to the question how to make Google documents available offline.


If you make use of Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education, you must allow offline access:

  • Go to (or or
  • Click on the menu icon at left the left side.
  • Select Settings.
  • Search for “Offline Sync” then click on “Turn on.”

Before You Get to No Man’s Land…

The real trick of how to make google documents available offline is ensuring you do some basic things before you depart an Internet-enabled region. That is, you need to ensure you are signed into Google.

If you’re a security-minded character that signs out of Google after you’re done with using it and possibly erases your Web browser history frequently and automatically, you will, therefore, need to re-authorize before you enter No Man’s Land (i.e. an Internet-free region).

If you get to No Man’s Land not signed into Google, you will be out of luck.

This is what I do. Let’s say I am going to an Internet-free region before I depart my house, I will make certain my laptop is fully charged and I will open up Chrome and sign into Google. I will also open the files I want to edit throughout my stay. I will leave the windows open so that after I open my laptop subsequently, the documents I want are preloaded.


A few more TIPS on how to make google documents available offline

When you’re using Google Sheets, Slides, or Docs offline, Google gives you a clear indicator: a round icon with a lightning bolt at the top of the web page. It is beside the star and folder icons.

The minute Google recognizes an Internet connection, it’s going to sync your changes to the cloud, and the icon will disappear.

Finally, even though you can edit Google Sheets, Slides, and Docs offline, you cannot possibly alter any of the folder names or any other details of your Google Drive account when you are disconnected. And also if the Google Drive page is not already loaded in Chrome, you would not even be able to get it open; so simply begin from or any other app specific page first. You will be able to view your Google Drive files on a mobile gadget.