save Windows from viruses

How to save Windows from viruses with ease

The Windows corrupt from viruses has become a very common problem but due to it, several times we lost our precious files. But now to get rid of this problem, Microsoft has a new update in which to affect the system performance, the Microsoft’s antivirus ‘Windows Defender’ just scan the computer in its free hours.

The computer users always have this problem that when you are performing the most important tasks, it starts system to delve virus. Resultantly, the system becomes slow and the user faces tremendous difficulties to complete the task. That’s why often users do not like to scan their system for viruses. But now, you have to leave all those worries at the side of the table because Microsoft has found the exact solution of this problem.

To protect the system from viruses Microsoft has already included its anti-virus ‘Windows Defender’. Now as per new announcement of Microsoft, Windows Defender can work more and extra better with the anti-virus that exists in the system. Especially, it scans the system at the time the system is surely free. This system will only scan for viruses at the same time as the system is not in use at all. It means, after a long break during the work you will be leaving your computer at the mean time, it will be working. In the other time, it will never tease you.

This feature has named ‘Limited Periodic Scanning’ that has provided to developers as a trail although, it will be released in the next few days for the ordinary users. Initially, this feature will not be automatically enabled but users will have to enable it, from the settings of the Windows Defender.

This is such a wonderful feature introduced by Microsoft through which you save Windows from viruses with ease even this feature is not at all tease you for the scanning.