share Document on Whatsapp, Facebook without Log in

How to Share Document on Whatsapp, Facebook or Anywhere without any Sign Up or Log in

Are you finding an easy way to share your Documents or Text Files on Facebook, WhatsApp or on other Social Media? Then you have to think in different ways. In case, Google Drive, DropBox, and One Drive are not working properly and you have the shortage of time so this is a trick only for you.

There are various File Sharing Applications sounds good, if you want to share big and large files but remember that it can take tremendous time if you are new to that process. Guess you want to immediately share your several Access File, Ms Word File, Excel Spreadsheet Files, PowerPoint Files, PDF Files or even a Simple Text File and unluckily you do not know the way to do it quickly then you will face a lot of difficulties. You will be able to Share Small Files without any sign-up or login by just using this trick.

If you want to Share some of your files to your loved ones and but you cannot do it because you do not know the ways to perform this task. Well, you should not worry about this problem. Now have a look on this easy way to Share your Small Files as well as Documents bygone Internet and Social Media without Registration with this website. And Yes! Do not worry about the security of your files because SSL type of Security is provided to your files that consider a fundamental and excellent security.

Here are four requirements to share Document on Whatsapp, Facebook without Log in.

1.       Small files or Documents that are not more than 200 MB.

2.       Mobile Devices or Computer with the prime internet.

3.       Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media to paste your file’s link.

4.       Slow internet connections are OK.

How to share Document on Whatsapp, Facebook without Log in

1.       First of all, Open your Internet Browser then Go to  ‘’.

2.       Click on ‘Browse’ that will be next to a search bar then Select your Document.

3.       After selecting the document, click on ‘Upload’ button and begin uploading of your File.

4.       Once your file is uploaded then you will get a download link after that you have to copy this link.

5.       Now send this copied link to your loved ones, on Facebook, WhatsApp or anywhere else.

At last, now enjoy this trick through which you can easily share Document on Whatsapp, Facebook without Log in …. Good Luck