interesting features of Google Chrome

How to use interesting features of Google Chrome

The Chrome web browser of Google has numerous hidden features that most of the people do not know.

However, there is a feature, after knowing about that, you can improve your browser’s speed even internet speed if it is poor.

In fact, this feature of Google Chrome completely changes the way of using the internet. Google Chrome has kept hidden an experimental setting namely ‘flags’ which can improve your browser’s speed.

In order to go to it, type ‘chrome://flags/ ’ in your URL then press enter.

There you will see a warning that ‘these flags and settings are experimental’ that can be disabled or removed. In simple words, use them when you are free.

On this page, you can easily mute pages. Just in Chrome’s function, type ‘Tab audio muting’ through (Ctrl + f), change disable into the enable.

After enabling to it, audio will start on any page so you will be able to mute that audio by clicking on the audio symbol on URL page.

In the same way, the feature of loading images speedily is also hidden there. Just type ‘ number of raster threads ‘ on the search bar and select 4 in its menu. In this way, the images will be loaded much faster than normal speed on the Web pages.

In such a way, you can also give the authority to Google for making your new password and similarly, there are a number of exciting features that are hidden in it.

However, whatever features you will select, these will be active when chrome will re-launch them again.  If you want to finish these features, click on ‘reset to all default’ button.

These are just unbelievable features and are surely amazing. These features are really interesting to use but we were unaware to use these interesting features of Google Chrome.

In these features, now  we know three things, how to improve your browser’s speed, how to mute the audio of web pages and how to load photos speedily on Web pages.

Enjoy these features!  Good Luck…..