install Windows XP

How to install Windows XP with ease

It is an operating system of ‘Microsoft’. It doesn’t take enough time to install. It is also very easy to install.

Here are some steps to install Windows XP with ease.

1.       First of all, insert Windows XP bootable CD into CD/DVD Rom then restart your computer. After that press F10 or Del key, BIOS Setup will open in front of you. After that find first boot device then selects CD/DVD Rom device and save it when the system will restart and CD/DVD Rom will read Windows XP CD.

2.       After restarting, this option will appear ‘Press any key to boot from CD Rom….’  you’ve to press any key then setup will start and after pressing the key a blue color screen will appear in  front of you, in which setup will load some necessary files to begin the installation. It may take few moments. If it gives the option to press any key again, press it otherwise doesn’t press any key. Once the loading ends, you will be shown the ‘Welcome Screen’.


3. After few moments, ‘Welcome to setup’ screen will appear in front of you. In which there will be 3 options. The first option will be to install Windows, the second option will be to repair Windows, and the third option will be to quit setup without installation. Now select the first one option and press ‘Enter’.

winxp (1)

4.       Now ‘Windows XP Licensing Agreement’ screen will appear in front of you. Press F8 to agree.  

winxp (2)

5.       Now hard drive partitions will appear in front of you. Select any partition in which you would like to install Windows. Mostly Window is installed in the partition ‘C:\’. After that, you have 4 options to format your hard drive’s partition. Select the option ‘Format the partition using the NTFS file system’

winxp (3)

6.       After pressing the Enter key that partition will format and new files will start to copy in the hard drive.

winxp (4)

7.  After few moments, the computer will restart and then ‘Press any key to boot from CD…..’ option once again will appear on screen but you don’t have to press any key. Resultantly, Computer Graphical Interface will start. 

winxp (5)

8.       Again after few moments, you will see an option of ‘Language’ then press next. After that, ‘Personalize your software’ window will appear. In which different fields will appear. Type your name, in the name’s field then type the name of your firm or company. 

9.       After doing all these, click on ‘Next’ button. After which you will be asked for the product key that will be of 25 characters that you received with your CD or DVD.  Type this product key and click on ‘Next’ button.  

10. Next,  ‘Computer Name and Administrator Password’ screen will appear in which you’ll type your computer name or fill another field if you want to, then click on ‘Next’ button to move forward. After clicking on next button ‘Date and Time setting’ screen will appear in which you’ll set date, time or time zone according to your wish then click on the ‘Next’ button. 

11.      After few moments, you’ll see ‘Networking Settings’ on screen in which you’ll select ‘Typical Setting’ and click on the ‘Next’ button , ‘Workgroup or Computer Domain’ screen will appear in which you’ll not make any change and click on the ‘Next’ button. 

12.  After few moments Windows will install into the system and computer will restart and display setting box will appear, you have to ‘OK’ it. 

winxp (6)

13. Next, you’ll see ‘Help protect your PC’ screen that will have 2 options. Select ‘Help protect my PC by turning on Automatic Updates now’ option and click on the ‘Next’ button. 

14.     After which ‘Will this computer connect to the Internet directly, or through a network?’ the screen will appear, in this step click on ‘Skip’ button that will be available at the bottom.

15.     Now ‘Ready to activate Windows?’  the screen will appear in which you’ll select ‘No, remind me after few days’ and click on the ‘Next’ button.

16.     After the clicking on next ‘Who will use this computer?’ the screen will appear in which you’ll be able to type 5 usernames but it’s good if you just type a single name then click on the ‘Next’ button.

winxp (7)

17.     Then ‘Thank you’ screen will appear, here click on ‘Finish’. After that, Windows Desktop will appear in front of you in which just a Recycle bin icon will show. 

winxp (8)

Now your windowsXP is successfully installed and it is ready to use. Enjoy your new window.

Now you’ve learned to  install Windows XP without facing any difficulty………….. Good Luck.