know about tracked email

How to know about tracked email via tool

There are a lot of people who think that what is the benefit of tracking a mail, should we care about it or not? Everyone is looking to steal your data as much as possible. In this present era, nothing is more important than information. The companies send emails to you that have already got analyzed. The one who do such activities can be able to see, in the meantime, you open a mail that what is your location and what you click after that.

Your emails are tracked by adding small images or pixels that help to inform them about your data. When you click the mail, these tracking tools work once. Resultantly, there is the only way to stop tracking by anyone is not opening that mail. There is a question stands that how can we know that the mail is safe one or tracked one earlier to opening it.

Today, I am going to tell you about a tool called Ugly Email that will do this work for you. This tool checks all your emails and reveals the ones being tracked. The tracked mails are shown with an evil eye so you can easily recognize such emails.

Here are some simple steps to know about tracked email via tool

  • First at all, open your Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Now click this link to install Ugly Email to save you from tracked emails.
  • After installing it, click ‘Add to Chrome’ in the new tab.
  • In the next time, you will receive an email then, you will see a tiny eye symbol. It will be an indication if it is analyzed by tracking tool.

Note: Some of you will not see eye symbol on any email, it means you have got no vetted email.

Now enjoy this tool with the help of which know about tracked email via tool…Good Luck.