Here is the good news for the lovers of Apple appliances. Now iPhone and iPad can be met with a new iOS 9.3 operating system. So, do not be late, update your iPhone to iOS 9.3. The tech giants have uncovered this secret in an Apple event.


Although it is not much different from the previous OS, 9.2.1. But if you have been sick of your phone relegating, just update it in few hours, the changes are definitely important within iOS 9.3. So, don’t hesitate to update it now. A critical security bug is fixed in iMessages by iOS 9.3 most importantly.


Follow these steps to update:


Whenever the updates are available, you will receive a notification in your phone by Apple. When there is a small red alert badge in your settings app, that’ll mean it’s the time to update it. If you don’t get the chance to have a look on the alert, you can force your device to update manually. Just for once, you’ve to download the update then you have to restart your phone. It will take only few minutes.


  1. Make the backup of your data. If you don’t want to lose your precious photos, tunes, settings, contacts and other data along with your old operating system. You can make the backup of your data via ‘iCloud’ or ‘iTunes’.


  1. Plug your charger into your computer or into the device. The latest version of iTunes is installed. Then connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or open up iTunes.


  1. Let’s find the software update. First, tap on ‘Setting’ then ‘General’ and then ‘Software Update’ and click to download and install. In case you are plugged into iTunes, find your device after which click checks for updates.


  1. Clear space. You must make room for the update so you have to clear the space. You will also receive a notification by your phone to temporarily delete apps and reinstall them later bringing up to date. Preferably, you may also delete files manually to make room.


  1. Make the schedule of it for later download. Once the software update is downloaded and you don’t want to install the software now or you really need your phone, you have the options to install overnight, as offered by iPhones. It’s very simple, just plug your device into the charger before sleeping.


Now there is a question that moves around in our minds. What’s new in it?


This new OS is very amazing! It is larger the 3D Touch feature to more apps that make to get access to apps on your Apple devices fast. Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint locks to the Notes app is also added via update and it is worked just like unlocking your phone out of sight the home screen.


But night shift is the coolest update. Here is a valuable new feature of it. It automatically adjusts the brightness and warms the color on your screen. Later, the sunset and other updates are offered. Recommendations for it are based on your location. For Apple’s in-car helper CarPlay, Apple’s Health app, as well as some cool new education app. With all these, now it’s the time to enjoy you update. Update your iPhone to iOS 9.3 and enjoy the superb benefits.

So, now you can update your iPhone into iOS 9.3 with ease.