How to save your iPhone from date bug and hackers easily

Two months ago, ‘Date Bug’ was discovered in iPhone. Through which, it was known that iPhone is having any problem from January 1st, 1970.

If this date is set on iPhone so iPhone reboots again and again. It closes many times that it doesn’t remain usable. This problem wasn’t very serious because to set date on any phone you must access to it but hackers have discovered a new way. Through which, this date can be set on iPhone via Wi-fi Network. In such a way, iPhone becomes the victim of this bug and reboots again and again. For this cause, iPhone and iPad become extreme heat. This is the cause that this problem has made it extremely dangerous.

In this regard, the experts discovered in research that iPhone to know the time and date uses (NTP) Network Time Protocol, so that can automatically show the correct time and date. Hackers made such Wi-fi network that phishes the iPhone and shows that it is an NTP server. That’s why, it accepts this fake server time that is January 1st, 1970. The Phone becomes the victim of the attack.

Hackers make such a Wi-fi network to set 46 years old date means January 1st, 1970 on iPhone that hasn’t any password so that users may be hunted of it automatically. Phones that are connected to which networks daily when these networks available they automatically try to connect them. That’s why hackers use names of people’s Wi-fi connection. iPhone users must connect to trusted Wi-fi networks to avoid attacks.

Especially stay away from free Wi-Fi. Otherwise, the phone may be victim to this attack.  Apple has fixed this bug in the version of iOS 9.3. In the iOS, December 31, 2000, you can’t set the date back to this date. This big update of iOS was released in the last month. The users who are using the older version than iOS 9.3 may be the victim of it.

Now don’t worry about the hackers and bug, because you have known the way that how to save your iPhone from date bug and hackers easily.