Cryptocurrencies stopped growing due to the loss of volume that occur in daily transactions.

Why are cryptocurrencies no longer growing?

That means folks|People are trading less – Not such a lot of folks are purchasing and not such a lot of people are selling.

Let’s consider example Ether, that surpassed $1 bln in daily volume at its peak in Dec in comparrison with $100 mln as of nowadays 05.03.2018.

That could be a problem, imagine if something bad happens like Tether gets ceased by the SEC, the selling volume can surpass the purchasing volume far and away, taking the costs in a very downward spiral to hell.

In order for cryptocurrencies to begin growing once more, institutional cash need to enter the market making the costs soar – that will increase the volume, creating the large players go in the market followed by the new wave of adopters.

The next wave of reports can either make or break them – A series of dedicated news are required so as to create the market grow and just one bad factor to happen is required to make panic followed by a selling spree.

Until now I even have browse only good news concerning them with more and a lot of folks, corporations and even countries getting down to embrace them.

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