Introduction of .Blog Domains for websites  

Blog is the word that is equivalent to ‘your home on the page’ for more than 10 years. WordPress.com is pleased to help you create a unique and particular space that is all yours. 

At the moment, we are elated to announce a popular new way for creating a unique identity for your website. .blog, a high-level domain extension, with the help of that you will create a customized name and web address for your site.   

 A name which is all yours

Just related to.com back it, .blog is completely accessible and clear, millions of fresh and new options to name your blog are created by it. Remember that it is the ideal place to build your home on the web.

The domains of .blog are being introduced this year. You have to sign-up here to get notified when they are available. They will be offered to all the websites and it is not necessary to have WordPress.com site and WordPress to buy one.

In what way .blog was born

The parent company of WordPress.com ‘Automattic’ secures the rights for operating and supervising the registration and sale of .blogs domains, this is surely a new top-level domain. You can purchase a .blog domain at WordPress.com as well as through our partner domain name registrars. The .blog domain will be accessible to everyone.   

Why .blog?

For several years .com was the superior choice for website names, but it has become more and more hard to find a name. With a high-level domain like .Blog,  you can have the name that will surely match to your identity. In addition, you will get the similar benefits with Google search results.  


The prices of Domain registration are still in the finalization process. For new top level domains with some premium pricing for the higher value names, they will be in standard range. Through classic timeframes like ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Landrush’, the domain names will be accessible.

When .blog is introduced, Sign-up to be notified

We are delighted to bring .blog sites to the world. Leave your all worries on the side of the table, as many details are available and coming up. We will share more and extra detail by-and-by. To receive updates about .blog availability, sign up here.