how can i get backlinks for my website

How can i get backlinks for my website?

how can i get backlinks for my website

How can i get backlinks for my website?

May be you probably asked yourself many times “How can i get backlinks for my website?” or may be you asked different similar questions from different faq’s, blogs websites and from teachers if you are learning SEO or many other people friend and so on, but you didn’t get you actually answer what you want. This question “how can i get backlinks” is often asked by many people who don’t know what is actual way we should follow, so don’t worry i am going to answer your question and i will explain you here in deep details.
How can i get backlinks for my website?
Before i start check here how to remove badlinks that hurt your website’s ranking,
There was old time when all types of backlinks were considered as good for SEO, for many years a lot of people and webmasters relied on some bad techniques and used automated tools to build thousands of backlinks every day. But now many things are changed a lot since then.
If we talk about today’s techniques and tricks of SEO, than high quality and authority backlinks worth the most valueable. But how can you get backlinks?
By using the best strategies with good online marketing idea, here are some great tips you should follow to get the answer of your question “how can i get backlinks for my website“.
Make backlinks with patience.
If you are newbie or you just created your website, you will think about it that “how can i get backlinks for my website”  than the chances of growing fast is not easy. You will love that Forbes and Washington post will link to your website, won’t get you anywhere. Instead, you have to make some backlinks and drive relevant traffic to your site.
But how do you do this? How Can i Get Backlinks For My Website? Well there are several methods.

1) How can i get backlinks from Guest Post.

One of them which is very common, is to write some guest posts on authority websites in your niche. Remember when you are going to write articles for other websites, don’t think or do it just for the purpose of getting a backlink, this trick is not a good idea off course. But with the legal strategy you can stand up in the front of crowd.
Some tips and techniques for guest posting:
Many websites have a “write to us” page or something link that, you can them and many websites without these page but you can still get backlinks contact them with contact us page.
You can also use this way, that’s may be easy for you. Go to and search Guest Posting websites:
    “Type Keyword” guest writer
    “Type Keyword” guest blog post writer
    “Type Keyword” submit content
    “Type Keyword” submit article
    “Type Keyword” submit post
    “Type Keyword” submit blog post
    “Type Keyword” add article
    “Type Keyword” add blog post
    “Type Keyword” add content
    “Type Keyword” guest blogger wanted
    “Type Keyword” Write for us
Write for trusted websites with match your website niche, avoid to write on low domain authority websites. Always go for high authority domains, it will increase website’s authority too and your website will be little valueable.
Write articles many times on each website. Otherwise, they will be obvious you are writing only for make backlinks. Don’t always go for DoFollow backlinks, make NoFollow backlinks as well, because NoFollow backlinks are good, not for SEO but it is good for traffic.
Link your social media profiles in author bio of your articles.
i wrote long and high quality content on authority websites and people loved my articles so much, many people visit my personal website as well, think smart don’t write just to get a backlink but get both benefits of traffic and SEO, i gained thousands of visits per month.
Don’t leave your footprints on your backlinks.
Some very common mistakes mostly people don’t care about it, Comman Mistakes in SEO, they leave footprints when they are making backlinks, keep in mind all your backlinks should look natural. If you are doing guide posting change your author bio and use different names on every website.

Don’t use exect description of your website all over web.
Don’t build same URL backlink multiple times from single website, use one URL only one time, like you are using “” if you want to build another backlink on same site than choose another URL ex: “”.
Make sure all your backlinks look natural.

2) How can i get backlinks from infographic.

Make Quality Backlinks With Infographics.
Infographics is another way to make quality backlinks for your website, many websites all over the world use infographics and they oftan go viral on social networks. Most importantly a good infographics may help to make quality backlinks and increase you website’s SEO.
How to make backlinks using infographics.
It’s one of the easy and best way to get one way backlink to your website.
Your infographics should have a good design and must be eye catching for a good start, than you can  promote your infographics i will show you here how to promote your infographics.
Get started for your first infographic.
The first thing you have to choose a topic than do some research to see on which topics infographics are already available for covering that topic.
Make sure your infographics should be more attractive and informative than others.
Collent all information and data you need for your infographics and create a documentation with this information and data by using a unique approach and try to solve reader’s problems, the content of your infographic should be excellent content and data.
How to create an excellent infographic.
After you complete documenting and content of your infographic, than you have to put your data in to a awesome creative design because it is not a regular infographic, that one you made  will go viral and earns some good backlinks from high authority websites.
If you are not good in designing like me than don’t worry you can go on some freelancing platform like a good and cheap one Fiverr, fiverr is great place for every kind of work, there are many professional people with great experience as well, so simple is that good on fiverr find some infographic gigs find people with good reviews and portfolio order anyone they do great job in just 5$.


Finally its time to publish your infographic.
Publishing and uploading infographic on websites is not enough.
Make it easy for people to share it.
Few things you can do to increase the chances of earn backlinks and shares on social networks.
You can create embed code for infographic you can use SiegeMedia
It is very easy to use after the code is generated you can embed this code on your website.
You can share on social media networks by using this Image Sharer App, so when someone hover the mouse on image of infographic, it will show you social icon to share it. Google crawel content so always publish a good content, it can help you to rank your keywords.
3) How can i get backlinks from Blog commenting.

Make backlinks with blog commenting. Blog commenting is also a way to get backlinks in bulk, you can get lots of traffic with this way What you need to do?, to make blog commenting backlinks you have to find keyword related websites, its simple just follow this steps.
How To Find Blog Commenting Websites.
Go to and search like this:
“Type Keyword” inurl: .com
“Type Keyword” “This blog uses premium CommentLuv”
“Type Keyword” “Notify me of follow-up comments?”
“Type Keyword” “add to this list”
4) How can i get backlinks from Directory Submission.
Directory submission is another way, directory submission can increase you website’s domain authority and page authority, also help you to increase search engine visibility, check this link for thousand high pr web directory submission websites.

Or you can search on Google for directory submission websites go to and type:
“Type  Keyword” directory
“Type Keyword” * directory
Type Keyword * “aquarium”
intitle:directory “Type Keyword”
inurl:directory “Type Keyword”
“list of “Type Keyword” sites”
“list * “Type Keyword” sites”
“list * “Type Keyword” * sites”
“recommended links” “Type Keyword”
“recommended sites” Type  Keyword”
“favorite links” Type Keyword”
“favorite sites” Type Keyword”
5) How can i get backlinks from Forum Posting.
Forum posting is one of my favorite SEO technique to build some high quality backlinks, forum help to increase search engine visibility faster and magical, it also help to get thousands of quality traffic on your website, you can search forum sites on Google just type:
“Type Keyword” inurl:/forum
“Type Keyword” forum
“Type Keyword forum”
intitle:” Type Keyword” forum
inurl:” Type Keyword” forum
Some Important Links:
500 Free Directory Submission Sites With High PR *
300 Free Social BookMarking High PR Sites *
6) How can i get backlinks from Drop My Link.
You can also use this tools “Drop My Link” which is great search tool for you to find keywords related websites, it is very easy to use you can search many things with the help of this tools like guest post, blog comments, forums and many other things, just go to
drop my link
7) How can i get backlinks from PBN (Private Blog Network).
Private network blog, another way to make backlinks for your websites.
What is PBN?
Private network blog is called PBN, the strategy of PBN is something like you have many other websites and you are using these all website to make backlinks of your money site or you can say your main website or targeted website which you want to rank. PBN is a good strategy but it is also little bit risky because you are using PBNs for your website,

so many things you have to do care. I will later in this section. Many websites are using this tricky technique to rank their website higher and faster, with the help of PBN let me explain you how it works.
How to use PBN?
First of all you need some high authority domains with minimum DA 20+, PA 20+, it will be too good if domain have good Trust Flow like TF 10 To 15+ and CF 10 to 15+.
You need to purchase some high matrix domain expired domains, you cannot use anyfresh domain with PBNs because fresh domain don’t have any DA, PA or TF CF and if you try to build new domains than it can take a long long time, so better is purchase some expired domains with good authority.
How can you purchase expired domains?
You can use any expired domain tools like most popular one Domcop, freshdrop, domainmonster, scrapebox and many others. Find some expired high authority domains than purchase it.
Try to find expired domain with same as your website niche or keywords, it will be good for you and it will look natural for white hat SEO.
Host all your domains and install wordpress on it, than upload some articles with related to your keywords of main money websites have, article must be unique and at least 500+ words than link your money site URL in this article. It will work like guest post.
Don’t build too many backlinks to one site from one PBN site it will not look natural, link only 2 or 3 time just for real natural work, otherwise its up to you.
So having PBNs is a advantage for your website and off course for you, you can take a lot of benefits from this, like you can use this websites for your own website to rank, and you can use it for make some good money like sell your links to people who wants some high DA, PA authority backlinks. You can use Fiverr and other online platform for selling your links.
So as i told you its very risky for non technical newbies whom entered newly in SEO, PBNs is not a easy job,  you should take care a lot of things.

Google is too smart always remember that, never leave any footprint on anywhere you should avoid some important things if you are going to use PBNs for your own websites, becuase if you catch my Google, they will mark penalties on your domains.
Some Important Things To Avoid In PBNs.

  • Always register your expired domains on different names, contact and so on, don’t register all domains on same name, contact and address.
  • It will be better if you are using private registration it will hide your who is details from public.
  • Host each domain on seprate hosting.
  • You can use CDN for different IPs, if you want to host 2 or more domains on single hosting plan than it will better to use Cloudflare CDN, it will change your website’s IP and also i will work fast. For more information about CloudFlare CDN check my this article.
  • Try to build different niche websites, like don’t build all your websites on any single specific niche for example your Main Website is all about medical or technology. And you are going to build all you websites on medical on technology, it will not good for natural SEO. You can use some related niche of your websites, like if your Main Website is on technology stuff, so you can build your PBNs with some related niche like : information technology, computer articles, android mobile zone, and so on.Let me ask anything if you face any kind of issue 🙂