Remove Bad Links From Website

How To Remove Bad Links From Website.

P.S : If you want your website should be healthy and wealthy then you have to remove all bad links from website you have.

So let’s move on,

How To Remove Bad Links From Website.

Grab all your backlinks in a list.
Webmasters Tools is a way  of checking bad links to your website, you can use Google’s webmasters  grab backlinks thorugh Google’s Webmasters or you can also use Open Site Explorer or other tools like Semrush and more, download all your backlinks report.
Identify And Remove Bad Links From Website.
After you pull the your backlinks of your website in a single file, identify bad links that might be hurt  your website, how to differentiate links between bad links and good ones?
Its simple explorer every single link one by one manually, and you need to watch out for : links like Porn, gambling viagra types of backlinks.
Find irrelevant anchor text links, like you or someone linked your website in different niche, like your website niche is technology news, and it is linked on any medical website like “best medicine”. Therefore this backlinks doesn’t make any sense.
Find links with de-indexed websites, you can check de-indexed websites with this query “”. If there is no any result return than this domain or website is de-indexed by Google, so remove all backlinks which is coming from de-indexed websites.
Links from any forums and blog comments which is spammy and their PageRank (PR) is 0 or N/A, than definitely avoid backlinks from these places.
Be careful, don’t ever remove any good backlinks that are helping your website’s rank, if you are unsure or doubt just skip leave it alone and move on.
Now it’s time to remove bad links from website we sort out.
Contact site’s webmasters and ask them to remove backlink, but sometimes that can be hard if site is old or unresponsive, and doesn’t available any contact info about the owner of website. But there is another way we can use which is Google Disavow Tool.
Google Disavow Tool will not magically remove bad links from websites, but it will not consider with your website.
So first of all create a list of bad links which you want to disavow.
When you list is ready than go to Google Disavow Tools Select your domain.



How To Remove Bad Links From Website
Than click on Disavow Links.
On the next page choose your file you created one with your bad links, and hit submit button.
That’s it you have successfully reported all your bad links to Google.
Always keep your website in good manners avoid backlinks from spammy websites because it can harmful for you and your website, always build high authority backlinks from authority websites. I explain here how to make good backlinks you can check my other stuff which will be very helpful for you and your website.