What Is SEO
What Is SEO

What Is SEO?
SEO is called Search engine optimization (SEO), SEO is very important for ranking any websites like business sites, e-commerce sites, blog sites, classified sites and so on.
People use SEO for their business to grow up. A lot of people use SEO for their personal websites blogs, e-commerce websites and more.

What Is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) And What Are The Benefits Of SEO?

SEO basically increase your website’s rank in Search Engines like Google Yahoo and Bing.
Not only that SEO also helps you to increase the quality and authority of your domain website and also helps you to attract users from all around the world to your website. You can get ton of organic traffic from search engines Google Yahoo and Bing. And you can make good money from Google AdSense or any affiliate ads.
I explain here how to use Google AdSense for your website and make good money from it. You can check this later but we are right now on SEO topic so let’s move on.
What Is SEO And How It Works?
Remember : SEO can change anytime. SEO is a most important thing in ranking factors. I am giving you a simple example. Ask yourself what is “Apple“? what’s going on in your mind? off course Apple is a fruit right? But have you ever notice whenever we type word “Apple” on search engine. It will show us “Apple Inc Company“. Rather than Apple fruit. Think about it why? Is it funny or is it magic? So that’s the point SEO can change anything. And i am going to explain you that how Search Engine works and how you can rank up in Search engine optimization (SEO).
It is a very common thing if you take an example, millions of users including you and me search many things on search engine Google or Yahoo, Bing. And we get thousands of results from search engine query, but we always check first 3 or 5 top results. We don’t go with lower results which are on very bottom of first page of Google.
Some times users checks all links which are available on first page but they didn’t get perfect match what they are looking for. So they switch from page 1 to page 2 and then they have found what they want.
But it only happens sometime. Usually we always get exact things what we are looking for. On very first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing Search Engines.
So all the top websites which are showing on very first page of Search Engine just because of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
How Search Engine works? Here are some important things.
Google or other search engine has a crawler that fetch information about all content it can find on various websites through an algorithm that try to match all relevant data with your query.
According to ranking factors in Google there are a lots of factors in search engine’s algorithm.
Some important factors are:

  • On Page SEO.
    Off Page SEO.
    Domain length.
    Domain Extension.
    Exact Match Domain (EMD).
    Domain Level.
    Page Level.
    Internal Links.
    Title Tags.
    Meta Descriptions.
    Quality Of Links.
    Authority Of Domain.
    Trust Of Domain.
    Social Metrics.
    And many more factors you can see in this image or you can Google it.
what is seo
image source MOZ

Rank up in Search Engine Optimization : What things makes your website appear first on Google, Yahoo Or Bing?
Like i told you how search engine’s crawler works with ranking factors algorithm crawler fetch and match information according with metrics i showed you in image before now i am going to explain you 4 more tips i follow.

1) Work On SEO Keywords.

Try to research profitable keywords. Start with some low competition long tail keywords find out it’s volume of search monthly search avg.
Long tail with low competition keywords will help your website to rank quickly and easily.
Use these keywords in your content, pages, title and meta description.
You can use LSI keywords as well. What are LSI keywords i explain here you can check.
If you are writing article use your keyword 4 to 5 times in your article.
Note : always focus on low competition long tail keywords if you are newbie. It will be more helpful for your website and it is easy to rank.
For more details you can check Keyword Research and Keyword Optimization.

2) Always Write Awesome Website Content.

Content is king always write high quality SEO optimization content.
Google loves high quality and long details content approx 2000+ words.
Write some informative and useful content that really helpful for users. If they like your content they will subscribe your website and share your content on social media, it will generate more traffic on your website.
Use your keywords many times as possible in your content.
Always Bold your main focus keywords.
Bulid Some Backlinks For You Content (Internal and External).
check out what are internal and external backlinks?
Build some internal backlinks in your content with related topics. It will help users to find more relevant contents. Also it will help your website’s page authority to increase. Because it will pass link juice.
Get some external backlinks from other websites. I explain here how to get backlinks get more backlinks for your website.
Keep in mind high quality content encourages users to link your pages in their websites you can also earn a free backlink from that. And it will show Google that your pages or articles are informative and useful. It leads to search engine success because Google, Yahoo or Bing loves to show interesting and authoritative content in its search engine.
Note : please avoid Black Hat SEO always do White Hat SEO you can check difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO.

3) Build Your Website Mobile Friendly.

Build your website responsive mobile friendly. Create or use good-looking responsive themes. You can create your own or you can purchase any wordpress or other CMS themes on Themeforest market.
Make sure your website is responsive because responsive websites will run perfect in mobile phones and help mobile’s users to visit your website in their phone easily with responsive design.

4) Use High End Hosting.

Don’t use free or cheap shared hosting plan it is very limited in speed.
Use at least VPS hosting you can purchase VPS Hosting from Godaddy.
Use Dedicated Hosting If your website has high traffic you can purchase any Dedicated Hosting  plan from Godaddy, Bluehost, etc or you can use Cloud Hosting from DigitalOcean, Google Cloud Platform, Azure and Amazon Web Services. You can check here Best Cloud Computing Services for cloud hosting.
If you have any question regarding to topic feel free to contact us.