Don’t you like to login Facebook through username or password?  this problem is also going to be solved very soon.

Facebook has announced in its ‘Annual F8 Conference’ that users have been exhausted by the use of username and password every time. They want some change and want to get rid of the use of username and password. In order to solve this problem and make the make the FaceBook connection easier, ‘Account Cut’ system has been introduced.

It’s a framework, in which you will be able to sign in the apps through a phone number or e-mail address. You’ll not need any Facebook account.

The User will just need to confirm any message, (e-mail or sms) and will be logged-in. Facebook brought these features for the countries that are well developed.  People in those countries will be able to use its services without having any account.

When this feature is available to the users, Facebook hasn’t decided any specific date.

Now this puzzle has been solved that how to login Facebook without an account but it will take some time to get ready for the users. But remember that this feature will be very useful for the users will be very useful for the users.