Recently,Facebook is getting a lot of attention on ‘Chat Host’, although it isn’t a new feature on which FaceBook is working on its messenger app. In fact, very soon, the users of Facebook messenger will take great  benefits through ‘Group Calls’.

Yes! Users will be able to make audio calls to a group of people (family or friends), simultaneously. 

You’ll be able to do it by just clicking on a phone icon, in the group chat that’ll be available in the latest version of messenger app.

Once you will do it, Facebook will provide the secondary screen to the users. However, you can contact to the people whom you want to talk. 

Under this feature, people will be able to talk more than 50 friends simultaneously as a single group.

In comparison with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger has become the simple and safe alternative to SMS. Facebook is making Messenger more  advanced that shall be even more helpful for people.

Group video calling is one of the main features of the few that keep contacts over Skype and Google hangouts through Messenger. This feature is expected to be introduced by Facebook very soon for its users, in order to further strengthen its supremacy on mobile chating. 

Earlier to it, Facebook for finishing mobile’s numbers has indicated to provide all the facilities in its app. Resultantly, it means the purchasing of SIMs for the people.

Very soon it will be cleared that, how to call 50 Facebook friends simultaneously.