download your complete data of Facebook

How to download your complete data of Facebook

Facebook has the capability of storing everything on its site that you have done there, like your old messages, status updates, changes in photos or personal information etc…

In fact, there is a huge database of information through which you can review various changes of your life that came inside of you, after logging on this social network for the first time.

But, do you know that what whatever you have done on Facebook, you can download and look at all of these information in few seconds on your computer.

Even, you can also look at it after first time logging on Facebook, how many people you have refused ‘friend’ option.

If you want to look into your past, follow these steps.

First of all, log in on Facebook then go to the settings by clicking the down arrow on the right side.

After going into the setting, the General Account Setting page will be displayed in front of you.

‘Download a copy of your Facebook Data’ will be written at the end of this page.


You will receive a Zip file in which all the messages, photos, and other information will available.

You will receive this file in just 10 minutes in the shape of an email that can be downloaded on the computer.

Facebook has designed all the information in the shape of mini web pages so it is very easy to read them.

Now enjoy this trick through which you can download your complete data of Facebook with ease….Good Luck.