Facebook has attacked strongly on Youtube. It has introduced a special hub for watching live and recorded videos through mobile app.

This feature has been named as ‘Video Tab’. This Hub will replace the Space allocated for Messenger navigation bar in Facebook App Center and in such a way, Facebook would also be used to find, create, share, and discover videos based on different categories.

Through this video hub, users will be able to see the video of their family and friends. Similarly, live videos of events, comments through Facebook reactions, five colour filters, viral invites, live map, snap chat style Dublin and many other features will also be part of it.     

With the help of this upgrade on Facebook, on one handand YouTube on the other, owned by Twitter demeaned its rival app ‘Periscope’ and it is expected that because of more being enjoyable, users will prefer more to its tab. 

Facebook began testing the feature of live videos last year through celebrities and started reaching to its users in December.

Facebook is having difficulty in comparison with Periscope while it is also converting this facility on Messenger, in order to make It more popular. For using this exclusive  features, the users only need a camera, through which they will be able to broadcast more live contacts. 

Similarly, to watch the recorded videos on Facebook app, users will have the same experience like Youtube. Facebook is expected to be the world’s most popular social networking website in near future. Thus, it will take another front, ahead of all available social media.

According to the Founder of Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’, it is as same as a TV camera that is in your pocket, everyone who has Smartphone, has the ability to broadcast anything in front of the world and in such a way, people come much closer to one another.

In future, the introduction of Video Tab feature by FaceBook will help people to find, create, discover and share videos by different effective ways very effectively.

In the long run, Facebook introduces Video Tab feature