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How to find lost phone through Google

If you have had experience of losing your Smartphone,  you know it very well that how much of painful it can be.

Certainly, if it hadn’t been snatched and it is on silent, it isn’t possible to find it by calling on it through another phone. It has to be found by other means that takes a lot of time.

So, you don’t have to worry now. Fortunately, Google has developed an easy and fast way that can easily find the Smartphones that are lost at your homes or offices. But many people are not aware of it.

It’s very easy. First of all, go to Google then make sure that you have signed in with the Google account on which your phone is registered.


‘Where’s my phone’ after that type it on the search bar.


Now a map will come in front of you and after a while, you phone location will also appear.


If your phone was lost at office or home while it was on silent, after finding the phone location, you will able to ring it with full volume. That’s how it can be easily found and rung back with volume.


It is a part of the ‘Android Device Manager’. You can also lock the phone and delete the contents of it, even if you are away from it. That means, if the phone is snatched, you will just need a computer and internet connection. At least you can lock it or clear its data to save privacy.


This process isn’t useful for the iPhone users. It just works on Android Smartphones. A similar tool is also available on the iPhone but it isn’t as easy as Google.


Now you’ve known the most valuable trick to find lost phone when your phone is lost especially when it is on silent mode.

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