introduce online TV service on Youtube

Google decides to introduce online TV service on Youtube

In 2017, Watching TV Channels on the world’s largest video streaming service ‘Youtube’ will be possible.

The ‘Google’ Company had been working on this project for the past few years. But now it has been decided to complete this project in 2017. Under this project, Youtube will enter in the TV Cable world but it will not depend on wires rather TV channels will stream via the Internet. Therefore, this new service has named ‘Unplugged’.

In this unplugged TV, user packages are available on different costs for the users and select the channels and get the packages facility. The subscription will remain the most affordable programs. So that users can be attracted to it. Google has also begun negotiations with major cable companies to complete the project but at present, this service will only available in the USA.

On the other hand, ‘Apple’ Company was also wanted to bring such like service for its Apple TV but later postponed its plan. TV viewers are given the priority to the quality of the video that’s why it hopes that this cable of Youtube also will be able to get the consumer likes successfully.

Online TV service on Youtube will be really beneficial for the users because it has no wires.