Google declares itself a dangerous site

Google declares itself a dangerous site

You can’t believe that Google declares itself a dangerous site. Google is partly a dangerous website. This has been accepted by none other than Google itself.

Yes! Google has warned to its users that its search engine is a ‘Partially Dangerous’ website. People are advised to be careful while using it.  According to the unusual analysis of Google, for its search engine, it’s most usable page steals users information or try it or may install malware into the computer.

It was revealed in the Google’s Transparency Report, updated on Tuesday. Together with safe surfing of website, it has been also informed that which site may be proven dangerous for the users. browsing on the web may affect your computer with malware and connect you to with the thieves who steal your credit card information and passwords.

In this list, Google has also included itself and says that there is deceptive content in its search engine. While installing, some malware pages of this domain steal personal information and take it to the other suspect websites.

As per the report, users have posted several times such bad content on the website that is generally safe. Safe browsing occurs at the time when webmaster removes this bad content.

The Google’s opponent search engine like Microsoft’s ‘Bing’ is also releasing similar transparency report but they didn’t declare themselves dangerous. The transparency report also declared that,, and are ‘Safe’ websites.

It is just Unbelievable fact that Google declares itself a dangerous site