ensure Facebook privacy

How to ensure Facebook privacy with ease

CALIFORNIA: The most leading social network ‘Facebook’ will soon introduce end-to-end encryption alike WhatsApp in its Messenger because this system of communication may completely be secured.

In next few days, Facebook is going to introduce end-to-end encryption in its Messenger for the 900 million users, however, it will depend on users choice to use it or do not active it. It is cleared that presently encryption is the most important feature for the user’s privacy. In such a way, hackers are not able to reach their conversation rather the officials also cannot interfere in anyone’s privacy.

Thanks to this feature, it will be impossible to reach user’s conversation. In such a way, Facebook will also get rid of official’s demands. However, this encryption will be protected from Facebook chatbots system. After enabling this encryption, Facebook’s chatbots will not work. Chatbots feature is for the Facebook pages that will use these bots for the timely responding to the users which can give accurate and timely answers to users’ questions.

Moreover, in Facebook Messenger, 1500 images were re-designed while 100 new images were added so that the way of chatting can be more interesting.

Now you have easily learnt the way to ensure Facebook privacy with ease. This feature will be the one of the most important features of Facebook.