review the world through Facebook

How to review the world through Facebook

SAN FRANCISCO: How is the weather Australia alike and which is the festival going on in Portugal or in which direction the football match is going in Egypt. These all the features can be seen in the Facebook live videos while this feature also can be seen through the live map.

A map appears through this feature that from which country or city live videos are broadcasting but non-private on Facebook. In the desktop version of Facebook, a new map has been added in which blue dots appears which express that many people are watching the video that is broadcast from here. When you move the cursor on it, so further detail appears and it will know through the lines which move ahead from it tat where the videos of this country are watching.

For example, if you are watching live sports stream of ‘Sky TV’, so Lines emanating from this will be going to other countries. However, the exact location is kept a little confusing because of the privacy.

But all the live streaming are not so exciting to see. Most of the people are sitting outside and sending live videos while some people are also doing live stream to the parties. The same way they do on Facebook post fritters and sandwiches.


According to the Experts, this is the facility like twitter’s pre-scope in which you can see live videos. But earlier to streaming, you must note it that is it private or public.

Now it’s time to enjoy this awesome feature through which you will be able to review the world through Facebook.