Sometimes, data is deleted by mistake from electronic devices. This is normal and a minor problem now as  there are many data recovery soft-wares  available easily. At present, WhatsApp is the most popular chatting application and that’s why so many communications are made through it every day.

We store many important photos and words in it, but if some data is deleted mistakenly, it is not easy to recover it. But if you use ‘Free WhatsApp Recovery Tool’, it is very easy.

The leading data recovery software developing company ‘Tenorshare’ is providing this tool free for the Windows, IOS means iPhone and iPad. WhatsApp deleted data can be restored in the following cases.

1.            Error messages.

2.            Losing of data due to system update, factory, restore, and backup unavailability.

3.            Disappearing of messages due to WhatsApp update.

4.            Breakdown of phone or IOS.

That means it has thorough features. Thanks to the WhatsApp lost data recovery that can restore the mistakenly deleted Data, in which photos, videos, and chat are included. It is able to recover the deleted data directly from the phone. as well as it can also be used to bring data back from ‘iTune’ backup.

The use of this program is very easy. If you use phone backup in itunes, it will itself find this backup and present it and you can restore the WhatsApp deleted data from it. In addition, if you don’t have the backup and you have to restore data directly from the phone, it is also possible.

To do it, you have to connect your phone to the computer via data cable. After exploring the data, it displays its preview beautifully.

The data or photos which you want to recover select them then export them. Chat is exported in Excel or text format while photos and videos can be saved in PC in its original format so that you can easily look them.

Now you have known that how to restore WhatsApp deleted data.