It is just unbelievable!. Are you using Facebook app on your Android Smartphone? If yes, then do you know that how to save animated profile photo?
Yes, my dears! This feature had been introduced by Facebook in September last year only for the Apple’s devices but recently Facebook has also added this option for the android users quietly.
If you are the users of iPhone, just click on profile photo then ‘Take a New profile Video’ or ‘Select Profile Video’, options will appear in front of you. Just select anyone from them.
However, Android users will first click on their profile photo then select the option of ‘Take a New profile Video’ and after that they can select any video from the phone’s memory.
IOS devices can be set to filter out more than seven seconds duration video for Facebook profiles. However, in android, you have to select seven seconds or less than seven seconds duration video without any change.

Thus, Facebook has given the option of profile video mute for the users of iOS now, but android doesn’t have this feature.
When you will upload the video on android, you have to select any thumbnail in it that will be seen on others news feed as your profile photo. However, when any user will come on your profile, he will get help to see your profile video.
This is the way that how to save video on your Facebook profile with ease.