Facebook has announced on Thursday night to introduce 3 new features for its popular app ‘Messenger’.

As per the report of the Founder of the Facebook ‘Mark Zuckerberg’ , at present every month 90 million people are using Messenger and today we are introducing such features for it through which people will be able to make conversation to any other person with more ease.

It was also stated in a separate statement by Facebook that thanks to these new features through which finding new people and make contacts with other users will get much easier.

For this purpose, the Facebook has rolled out Messenger Username, Messenger Links and Messenger Codes features for the users.

Messenger Codes will work same as ‘Snap Chat Code’. You just have to scan the code when connected and you will be instantly connected to it.

Username and links are the features that make searching of the people easy. In the username, the users can make business cards and other media the part of their accounts while links is the feature like e-mail.

The most important thing is that this feature will be available to new businesses beyond the individual limits of the user. They will directly contact to the people and selling and purchasing of goods will be very easy.    

Now the puzzle has been solved that how to search people on Facebook Messenger?