Social Media accounts of Mark Zuckerberg

Social Media accounts of Mark Zuckerberg have been hacked

CALIFORNIA: The Founder of ‘Facebook’ Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts have been hacked by some hackers who belong to Saudi Arabia.

In the list of hacked accounts Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn include. However, his Facebook account is still secure. In the recent day, the hackers claimed that they have accessed to the Mark Zuckerberg’s social media accounts. As proof, they have changed Mark Zuckerberg’s name into their hacking group name on his Pinterest account.

Well, Mark Zuckerberg uses his Facebook account more than others but however, Facebook is his official account where he has millions of followers. It is being thought that in the data bus of LinkedIn that was stolen in 2012, there was also a password of Mark Zuckerberg that with the help of that hackers have hacked his social media accounts. According to the hackers, they used Mark Zuckerberg’s password ‘dadada’ that existed in data bus of LinkedIn to hack his social media accounts. The twitter officials took action promptly and just not removed the hacker’s tweet while also suspended the hacker’s own account.

In the recent days, 167 million user’s LinkedIn accounts were stolen but most of the users in spite of receiving information do not change their passwords. Perhaps, Mark Zuckerberg also did the same mistake.

So by this mistake Social Media accounts of Mark Zuckerberg have been hacked.