WhatsApp callback feature

WhatsApp callback feature introduces

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular ‘Messaging Messenger’. As a matter of policy, It often introduces new features and facilities. Accordingly, a new feature is going to be introduced very soon, users will definitely like that.

Yes! WhatsApp is going to introduce callback features for the Android and iOS users, in which with a missed call notification,a callback button will be given.

Remember that earlier to it, Group calling feature has already been offered in WhatsApp Messenger, where you can talk  up-to 16 people simultaneously.

The users will not, need to open WhatsApp to use this callback feature while it will work in the notification.

‘Voice Mail’ feature is also being introduced for the iOS devices.

And Yes! There will also be an option to share ‘PDF’ files in the WhatsApp current version. Although it is being made better, ‘Zip’ files sharing option  will also be served to the users, so that they can send more data to compress.

The users will be able to avail this new feature in the next few days.

Just to remind, WhatsApp callback feature is going to be introduced very soon that will prove extremely useful for the users.