translate foreign languages into mother tongue

How to translate foreign languages into mother tongue

NEW YORK CITY: It is just unbelievable fact! The company of USA has developed such a device that is able to translate foreign language into mother tongue. You have surely watched in the movies that such a device uses that translate a language into another language.

In such a way, the spoken dialogue in the foreign language can be understood. If you  wish to this experience so be ready because an American company has developed such a device, with the help of which any foreign language can listen in your mother tongue. This unique device has named ‘Pilot’ Earpiece.

Earlier to it, Google translate and Skype translator have offered suchlike plans but Pilot Earpiece is not only unique to them, even more, useful because it is a small earpiece that can be easily fitted into ears. To use it, you need a Smartphone through which it is connected to the Bluetooth that means it has no wire. At the time, this earpiece is on, so it listen unknown language sentence and understands quickly, with the help of Speech Recognition Technique.

After which, Smartphone powered by the Internet, it translates the sentence into your language and speaks into the ear. At present, it has just included English and European languages but after its successful experience Asian languages will also include in them. There is also an interesting thing of Pilot Earpiece if there is no need to translate languages so it can be used for the listening of songs.       

This is such a unique device that is really amazing through which you can translate foreign languages into mother tongue with ease. So leave all those worries on the side of a table and take a chill pill. Now you will be able to translate foreign languages into mother tongue.