American company introduces the most advanced Unreal Selfie Stick

NEW YORK: An American company has introduced a new and advanced selfie stick that has two small fans and lights. The company has named it ‘Unreal Selfie Stick’.

We capture photos for making beautiful moments memorable. We face a problem for capturing a group photo where the photographer is not visible in the photo. This problem has been solved in the shape of Smartphones. Now everyone is passionate for making a selfie that includes the photographer also. Many selfie sticks have been developed for making photos more beautiful. Now more advanced selfie sticks are emerging in the market for the best capturing of personal photos.

Unreal selfie stick has really wonderful features like its name. There are several automated systems in the stick. For example, its length may be increased and decreased through an automated button. Through the help of its use, better, large and group snapping has become very easy. There are two small fans in the stick which put the air on the face and blow the hair back.

This function of blowing hairs by the modern selfie stick will  surely be admired very much by women. In addition to it, it also has 2 lights that help to capture a good quality picture, even in the darkness. Because of its modern features, everybody is desiring to have this selfie stick. But at present, this selfie stick is made only for advertising purposes. However, it is hoped that in the future such selfie sticks will surely be available in the market.