charge mobile with a plant

How to charge mobile with a plant with ease

BARCELONA: It is just unbelievable and the most surprising fact that now you can charge mobile with a plant that is a special plant because a Spanish company ‘Arkyne Technologies’ has developed such a ‘Garden Pot’ that generates electricity through plants.
We know it very well that plants and trees create energy from the sun while this process is known as ‘Photosynthesis’. The company has made a minor change in this process and begun to create charge from the plant’s energy. With the help of which mobiles and tablets can be charged and to do it an advanced garden pot has developed that has named ‘Bioo Lite’.

In such a way, you will be able to charge your mobile with a USB port directly that is connected to the plant. According to the company, most of the Engineers have worked hard for many years on the charging system through plants.
According to them, prototype and other models are working effectively and are successful. In such a way, this is an environmentally friendly way by which electricity can be made without harming the natural system.
We look plants everywhere that means they can help us everywhere. We look plants at home’s as for decoration and also our workplaces. So, why do not we use them for the better matter, Bioo Lite is not only helping the environment by using plants as a source of energy but we wish to help the users by declining their daily electricity consumption.

How to generate electricity with a plant?
Really sounds crazy but it is real! Certainly, electricity is generated with the help of photosynthesis. Even in night or day, you can charge your mobile with a single pot three times. Its range can be up to 5 volts or an ampere.
Now you have known this wonderful way to charge your mobile with a plant.