share energy of two devices wirelessly

How to share energy of two devices wirelessly  

BRISTOL: A team of British Engineers did a successful experience in which they shared the power of a phone’s battery to another battery without connecting wire. It has been named as ‘Power Share’ which has flexible coils, copper tape, and ferrite plate. If the battery of your Smartphone or Smart Watch is too low, it can be connected with the fully charged battery of another Smartphone, then power can be shared and it does not need any wire for connection. With the help of this innovation, you can share the energy of two devices wirelessly.  

Although, there are infinite power packs available in the markets but taking these weighty things with you is extremely difficult. That’s why the Scientists of the University of Bristol developed a Power Share System that works under the prevailing standards. It has class E amplifier for a transmit circuit and QI receiving circuit that receives the charge.  

After which just tap the Smartphone with Smartphone and Smart watch with Smart watch and the charging begins, on the 12th-second charging of phone, you can approximately talk for a minute and with 2 minutes of charging, you can talk for 4 minutes and watch the same duration of the video.

That’s why the experts have developed 2 coils that send and receive charge which has been tested on different devices. When a current passes through the coil, an electromagnetic field is created and it reaches to another coil. According to the experts, by fixing these coils on the strap of the watch, the power can be shared. 

It is revealed in the experiment of Bristol University that 3.1 watts can be shared through coils. But it also has a downside that the amount of energy the wireless system shares, it also lost much of the energy in the air which means that only the half of the energy can be shared.  

Still, this is just unbelievable fact that you can easily share energy of two devices wirelessly through these coils.