NodeOS is an operating system created with Linux and NMP

NodeOS is basically an operating system, powered by NMP

NodeOS is an operating system that is managed by NPM and created completely in Javascript. The package of NPM in official manner is known as Node JS Package. The target of NodeOS is to provide just sufficient to let NPM provide the rest. Since anyone can create NodeOS packages, anyone can also contribute to NPM.

The NodeOS is essentially a Node JS positioned operating system, created off of the Linux Kernal. The project of NodeOS is targeting to, and that can already run on few of the following stages:

 ·       Container providers like Vagga and Docker

·       PaaS providers like Joyent’s Manta or Heroku

·       Virtual Machines like KVM, VMWare, QEmu, VirtualBox

·       Cloud providers like Rackspace or Amazon, Joyent

·       Real hardware like, Laptops, desktops or SoC’s

The development of core is being done in layers. Some dissimilarity could be there to adjust better to each target stages, but the common structure is:  

·       Usersfs Multi-users environment same as traditional operating systems

·       Rootfs Read-only division image for hosting initramfs files and Linux kernel.

·       Initramfs Initram is an environment for mounting the users division and boot the system.

·       Barbones tradition Linux kernel with an initramfs that is booted by the system.

Remember that NodeOS is the combination of Linux and NMP