submarine cable network

Pakistan launches submarine cable network to speed up internet     

Telecommunication companies Omantel and Multinet Pakistan have announced to start work on 20 Tbps submarine cable network for connecting Pakistan with Oman. Initially, Barka will be connected to Karachi through this network. Users of Internet will be able to get high-speed internet benefits through this bargain service.

This service has been named as (SRG1) Silk Route Gateway 1. The cable system will be approximately 900 kilometers in length in which dual-fiber cable will be used and each cable capacity will be 10 Tbps. Pakistan will get 20 Tbps, which comes up to 200Gbps of bandwidth submarine cable network. The project will cost $ 24 million while it will be completed within 18 months. Both of the companies will take help from Turkish company ‘Xtera’ for the maintenance and development of this service.

On the completion of this project, Pakistan will approximately get additional 200 Gbps. Pakistan is expected to get more bandwidth after the completion of the project in the future.

At the moment, TW1 has a bandwidth capacity of 1.28 Tbps. Pakistan’s other cables like ‘SEA ME WE’ gets 1.28 and ‘I ME WE’ gets 3.86 of bandwidth. It is also expected that after the completion of this project, prices of  bandwidth will reduce to a considerable extent  and users will get high-speed internet connections in the bargain.