record and store video through contact lens

How to record and store video through contact lens

TOKYO: ‘Sony’ company has started work on such a Contact Lens that can record and store video. In addition, it has also the facility of zoom in and zooms out. Even, it will be able to play the video.

Sony has been working on this unique and revolutionary method through which any video can be recorded after fixing lens into eyes. In addition to the video, surprisingly you can also zoom in and zoom out. In designing and preparation of this technology besides Sony, Japan’s seven other major companies worked. In which, someone made the camera, someone made wireless processing and someone prepared storage system.
It shows that very soon leveled the lens in the human eye will be able to record photos and videos alike spy cameras. It can be switched on and off by closing eyelids. In such a way, the users can play the video by  different eyelid moments.
‘For example, the photos and videos option can be on and off by pressing an end of eyelid two times. In addition, the lens has also the facility of zooming and focus. However, this patent is still considered work.

It is cleared that earlier to it, Google was also made an announcement of such contact lens. In which the installed sensors were able to measure the amount of blood sugar and then aware to the patients.
In the long run, the most latest Sony’s innovation has revealed in which you can record and store video through the contact lens.